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We love you. You love us. It's so lovely ;)

We see your amazing social media posts every day – artists who create fantastic chalkboard signs and menus, hobbyists who decorate for the holidays, kids of all ages doodling in their adult coloring books, creative teachers who use chalk markers in their classrooms...  

While we know (and appreciate!) that you love our products, we're inviting you to share your (healthy) obsession with our products with others. This will surely signal to your friends and followers that you're smart, talented, and tasteful, but even better you'll be helping impact the Crafty Cares program.

And if that's not enough, well then there are perks in it for you!


Click here to apply now (see the basic requirements below).

If you are approved, you'll receive a link to your personal dashboard where everything is available. But in general, you'll qualify for different perks, points, and rewards depending on how active you are. Some perks include free Crafty Croc products and swag, early release products, gift cards to various places, actual prizes, discount codes for you and also to use with your own audience promotions (and more!)


You don't have to meet all of these, but the more the better. Anyone meeting the general requirements is welcome to apply. While the requirements may be updated from time to time, the current general requirements are:

  • You either use our products already, or use similar products
  • You have good sample photos. For example, your photos are Quality Images (good resolution photos, attractively framed and shot) and you have “Okay or Better” artistic ability (Overall, your artwork looks nice. It doesn’t have to be professional artistry but should represent a respectable level of effort and care)
  • You are active on social media on at least one of the following: (Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube)
  • Bonus: You're a member of an art group (either online or offline)
  • Bonus: You have an active website or blog
  • ALTERNATE: If you use our products in your daily job (i.e. Teacher, Cafe Owner, Barista, Artist, Sign Designer, etc.) you can be approved if you can provide authentic video/image content of our products in use
  • Must be 18 or older

Apply now and share the love!