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About Us

Is this the place where we're supposed to write a bunch of corporate jargon?

Sorry, but we're all sold out of jargon today.

But what we do have are some honest words.  Some real stuff for you in case you want to know who you're buying from and what we're all about.

You probably already know we make our own brand of several different art products and we think they're pretty darn awesome, but we'll let you decide on that.

What you might not know is that we're not a huge company (hence the no-jargon thing). 

We really do read every single email and comment you send, and every single one gets a personal response.

Evelyn's title is "Head of Customer Love" for a reason.  Her whole job is to make sure every single visitor, subscriber, and customer feels loved and taken care of.  Always.  So you can trust that you're in good honest hands.

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On a personal note...sometimes we feel anxious that other companies are better than us at "this or that".  They have fancier marketing (teams!), more polished emails, bigger budgets, shinier ads...sigh...

Maybe you feel that way about your art sometimes?  That someone is always a little bit...more talented, more creative, more...together?  

Well we can't solve all of those worries, but as for your art and craft insecurities, we're here for you. 

You won't find any highbrow "we're better than you" talk here.  You might think of us as your relatable and approachable artsy friend.  

Just gettin' creative and havin' fun.

We bring you tutorials to hone your own skills, and fun stuff to do with your families too.  New ideas.  Sparks of creativity.  Flickers of fun.

And of course, great products that you can trust and rely on.

But above all, what you'll find throughout our company and among so many of our wonderful customers is a happy vibe of creativity and kindness. 

If that suits you, then welcome, we're at your service :)