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Open Box Deals

You know how Apple gets all kinds of cool gadgets (iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.) back, and then they refurbish them, clean them, repack them, and sell them as "Nearly New" and with a warranty?

This is nothing like that!

Sometimes we get random packs of chalk markers or gel pens back in the mail.  Usually this is because the warehouse made a mistake or someone opened a pack and tried one or a few and didn't like them (say whats!?!).

But they get in the way.

And we want them out of the way.

And so our clutter is your treasure.

How does 80% OFF sound?  

These Open Box deals are all priced 80% OFF.  Take note of the special details below:

  • No Returns or Refunds, no matter what.  If you are spending your last $3.73 to buy these, don't do it.  
  • They might not come in a box.  If they do, the box might be torn or otherwise messed up.
  • Some or all of them might have been used
  • They might be in a perfect box, and never used at all.
  • You might be mad when you open them.
  • You might be beyond thrilled.
  • Either way, you've been warned
  • Good news!  It's way less painful to get a lemon pack of markers than it is to get a lemon car.
  • So go boldly you artistic deal seeker!  And snatch them up while you can!

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