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Premium Gel Pens - 96 Coloring Pens with Carrying Case (No Duplicate Colors)

Whoa sweet Gel Pens!  – The latest addition to the family is this truly special gel pen multipack that includes 96 unique colors. These coloring pens come complete with an integrated premium carrying case, super soft comfort grips, and non-toxic inks.  Assembled piece by piece with care and attention to every detail, you’ll love what this set offers.

  • 96 Unique (No Duplicate) Colors.  All shades including Metallic, Glitter, Pastel, Rainbow, White, Fluorescent, and Neon as well as our exclusive new colors: Jellies & Jams!
  • Super Soft Grips. Comfortably write, sketch, doodle, and design without hand fatigue. 
  • 35% More Ink (compared to standard pens). Swirl and scribble to your heart’s content with 35% more ink than other pens. That’s the same amount of ink as would be in 130 standard gel pens, all packed in to 96 pens.
  • Unique Carrying Case. The innovative packaging includes a handle and magnetic closure to double as a reusable travel case for your new pen set. 

Perfect for journaling, crafting, coloring books, or mixed media artwork, this gel pen multipack has something for everyone. These gel pens are excellent for writing, so you can add extra flair to your to-do lists and class notebooks.