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Wedding Signs for Little People with Big Personalities

Wedding Signs for Little People with Big Personalities

No matter which side of the fence you are on in the "kids or no kids" at weddings debate you can not deny the extra something ring bearers and flower girls bring to the day. These adorable little people simply enjoy being a party of the big day and bring a smile to everyones lips. Check out some of these little people with big personalities! These cute and amusing signs can be made with Crafty Croc liquid chalk markers. Which is your favorite? Share in the comments below.

Here Comes Your Girl

Wedding Chalkboard Here Comes Your Girl Ring Bearer

via Hello Studio

What a cute smile and wink! This is a simple but incredibly effective sign. "Uncle Josh, here comes your girl" on a heart shape chalkboard and could be written White Crafty Croc Markers.

Too Late to Run

Wedding Chalkboards for little people

via Lisa Robinson Photograper

Now this little guy looks like he is enjoying his job! This sign is tasteful and witty at the same time "Its too late to run, cause' here She Comes!" Check out the smiles on all those guests! What a great way to start your special day.

I'm Still Single

Wedding Chalkboard Sign I'm Still Single

via Marianne Wilson Photography

I picture is worth a thousand words. This is a beautifully captured shot and what a face. The sign is priceless... "Don't worry ladies, I'm still single" is perfect for any little man to hold walking down the isle.

It's About to Get Real

Wedding Signs for little girls

via Pie Shoppe

This cute twosome are taking this role very seriously. With a beautiful wood sign and white calligraphy it is simple and elegant with a hint of humor. Combine this with petals in the little wood basket and you have an elegant entrance.

Here Comes the Bride

Wedding Chalkboard here comes the bride

via Heather Elizabeth Photography

Cute Wedding Signs for Little People

via Inspired by This

What cuties! The here comes the bride signs are classic and effective. What a great way to get two special boys involved in your big day. For smaller guests a light sign with ribbon around the neck does the trick!


via Dana Cubbage Wedings

Here come's your girl is a nice casual twist on the classic here comes the bride. Using the relationship between the boys and the groom (here it's Uncle Brad) is a lovely way to give the personal touch to your wedding signs. What a way to bring a tear to the eye.

Ring Security

Wedding signs ring security

via Captured by Jen

What a fantastic idea!. If you don't have a box like this we suggest using a silver box with one of the Crafty Croc Rectangle Labels with Scalloped corners on the top to give a similar effect. Write on the labels with a White Crafty Croc Chalk Marker, and as a bonus you can wipe it off and use the box again if you wish.

Dang it

Wedding sign Dang it you bet me to her

via Erin Milnik

Mix it up a bit with a bit of humor. This simple sign can be made with gold card and a black chalk marker. Funny signs can add an extra something to your wedding photos.

High and Proud

Here she comes Ring Bearer

via Lovely Words of Pam

This sign is similar to the others but by holding it high and taking his job seriously, it gives this photo a different feel.

Different Sign Surfaces

Wooden wedding sign

via Leo Patrone Photography

There is no need to stick to traditional materials such as chalkboards or card to have a traditional sign. This wood circle is perfect for that rustic look. Some white liquid chalk to make the writing and your done!

We hope these little people with their big personalities have given you some ideas to add some unique elements to your big day! Head over to our store and pick up a pack of 4 White Chalk Markers today.

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