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Olympics Inspired Chalk Mania

Olympics and Chalk

The Rio 2016 Oylmpic games are upon us! The excitement of the opening ceremony has taken hold here at CraftyCroc and we are getting behind our awesome atheletes.

So we thought it would be fun to incorporate the Olympics in some of our activities. We came across some amazing sidewalk chalk art by Michelle, who blogs at Burgh Baby, and decided to share it with you.

These images are of sidewalk art but wouldn’t it be fun to create some of these on your chalk wall (sealed of course) using your chalk markers? Be sure to take some great photos!


2016 Rio Olympic Games Chalk Art

via Burgh Baby

Your child could pretend to be one of the 5 men and 5 women gymnasts representing the USA and competing for gold in the Rio Olympics. If doing this on a wall try drawing it upside down so your child can stand on the floor and reach for the beam to make an awesome photo.


2016 Rio Olympic Games Soccer Chalk Art

via Burgh Baby

This is very cool and would look great adapted for your chalkboard wall. Why not have your child pose with a real soccer ball?


2016 Rio Olympic Games Weightlifting Chalk Art

via Burgh Baby

Get those muscles out. And don't forget the sunglasses for maximum effect!


2016 Rio Olympic Games Archery Chalk Art

via Burgh Baby

This archery scene will be a hit. Make sure you use bright colors to make the image really pop.


2016 Rio Olympic Games Basketball Chalk Art

via Burgh Baby


2016 Rio Olympic Games Rings Chalk Art

via Huffington Post

This little guy looks like he could take on the world. Its all about attitude.


2016 Rio Olympic Games Diving Chalk Art

via Burgh Baby

Ok, so this image is not specifically Olympics but diving is an Olympic sport so I think we are justified. Besides this diving image is just adorable! How could we not add it in here. We love the little one in the inflatable duck. The sunglasses are the finishing touch.

And So Much More.....

2016 Rio Olympic Games Chalk Drawing

via Huffington Post

But why stop there? Here are some other ideas for Olympic themed images.

Why not create a winners podium for your kids to climb on?

Why not create a volleyball theme? Or create a swimming pool with race lanes?

Other sports could include:

Hockey, water polo, badmington, tennis, golf, track and field, boxing, fencing. Most importantly have fun with it!


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