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How to Make: Super Cute Twisted Paper Box

Learn how to Make a Twisted Paper Box

Crafting with paper and card really is taking the hobby back to its simplest form - the real essence. But hold on, that doesn't mean that it has to be bland or boring. Below are the step by step instructions on how to make this gorgeous twisted paper box. These would make cute ornaments or table decorations at a party. Read on below and get the production line going!

Things You Need

  • 5 Sheets of Colored Paper (one of each - blue, green, pink, orange, yellow)
  • Heavier card for making your stencil (This is not essential if you just use paper, but it's easier to trace around!)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 

Paper Craft Ideas

Step 1

Make yourself the master template for the curved shape by downloading and printing the template from (Simply right click on the curved template image about halfway down the page and click "Save Image As...")

Step 2

Use your template to start tracing the curved shapes onto your colored paper. You will need two curved shapes for each of your 5 colors for 10 in total.

Paper Crafty Ideas

Paper Craft Ideas

Step 3

Use your scissors to start cutting around the outlines of your tracings. Take your time as it will improve the end result if you do it accurately!

Paper Box Craft Ideas 

Step 4

Complete the cutting out process until you have all 10 pieces neatly cut out - 2 shapes for each of the 5 colors.



Step 5

Use a tool to score each end of the paper shapes. We found that using a ruler to score along helped to keep the lines straight. If you don't have a specialized scoring tool, the back of a knife works just fine.

Paper Box Crafts


Step 6

Now fold each end of the shape upwards along the score-line making a 90 degree fold.

Paper Box Ideas


Step 7

Complete the process outlined in "Step 6" above for all 10 pieces of colored paper.

Crafting Ideas for Teenagers


Step 8

Begin weaving the bottom ends of each of the strips using your fingers to hold them together.

If you're feeling like you need to be an octopus to do this, we suggest using a large paper clip to hold all the pieces together while you weave!

Once you're done, you will have a pin-wheel effect in the middle.

NOTE: you should have the folded ends pointed upwards for this step.

Paper Box Craft Ideas

Crafting Ideas with Paper

Craft Ideas for Teenagers Looking good! Let's get the final steps done. You're halfway there to Twisted Paper Box glory!


Step 9

Now flip the project over so the folded ends are pointing downwards towards your table. Then start weaving the ends together again as you did for the bottom part using your fingers or a large paperclip to hold everything together.

Paper Box Craft Ideas

Craft Projects With Paper


Step 10

And Voilà! You've done it. Congratulations on completing your twisted paper box! Here is the finished product.

Craft Projects with Paper


Video Instructions

If you want to see this project made "live" on video, check it out below!


Thanks to Stylenrich for the inspiration for this post.

We hope you have lots of fun with this simple little project and would love to hear your comments below. Feel free to share this idea with your friends and post the photos of your results on our Crafty Croc Facebook page


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