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Spooky Halloween Front Doors - Oh What Fun!

Spooky Halloween Front Doors

Front Door Decorations for Halloween

With less than 4 weeks until that spookiest of nights, it's hard not to get excited with these fun Halloween front door craft projects!

The pictures and tutorials below will give you loads of inspiration and there's still more than enough time to get crafting.

We also threw in this fun Halloween front door monster video too. We love the kids' reactions to this freaky front door monster. Not easy to pull off though unless you have such a unique front entrance to your house as this one but check it out anyway!


 Halloween Door Monster


via Home Jelly

Get a full step by step full tutorial and materials list for creating this super fun paper bag Halloween door monster decoration here at Home Jelly (dog not included - though he is awful cute!).

Halloween Cyclops Door

Halloween Door Decorations

via Events to Celebrate

No doubt you definitely need a unique looking front door to pull this one off, but doesn't the green door paint suit this project perfectly? Anyone thinking Mike Wazoski?!

Halloween Front Door Mummy


via Honey and Fitz

Doesn't this front door mummy decoration look brilliant? We couldn't believe how cheap and easy it was to achieve this effect. Dina gives you the low down on price and full step by steps on how to do it yourself here.

The Lady Vampire


via Jessica Borkowski

Teachers are often so creative and love to have fun and Jessica Borkowski is no exception. Isn't she nice to decorate her work colleague's door so beautifully with this take on a Halloween inspired female vampire!

Arachnid Nightmare


via Delia Creates

Anyone else feeling a little uneasy right now? Halloween and spiders - what better combination? You'll never guess how they're held onto the door! Very cool. Click on through to Delia Creates for a full tutorial on getting this scarey look. We also love the picture she has with the spiders rearranged into a trail across the front door. Very freaky indeed. See more...

Where The Wild Things Are

Halloween Crafts

via All You

Learn how to create a spooky Halloween Monster Door (a la Where The Wild Things Are) with step by step instructions over at All You.

Monster Entrance!


via Nifty Thrifty Living

Made from 1" foam board cut to shape, this huge monster entrance is sure to get passers-by to stop and take a closer look! The board has all been painted with flat white paint and the eyes painted on with acrylic. Genius!

Creepy Crawly Halloween


via Jane Can

Well, this has really got the old Crafty Croc skin crawling! That huge spider on the left just looking for a way to force its way into the house and devour everything in site... *shiver*

Beautifully crafted but not too hard when you know how! Check out the full tutorial here.

Oogie Boogie


via Practically Functional

Yes, it's Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. Brilliantly crafted from adhesive black vinyl, Jessi tells you exactly how to do it and where to get all the stuff! See more here. 

Happy crafting everyone. Remember too that Crafty Croc chalk pens are perfect for all your Halloween decorations on non porous surfaces such as glass, ceramic, tile etc. See our full range of chalk markers here.

And as always, we love seeing what you have been up to so if you decide to make any scary front door decorations or see any worthy of sharing in your neighborhood, please feel free to share them on the Crafty Croc Facebook page or make a comment below. Happy Halloween everyone!


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