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How to Make Glowing Halloween Lanterns

How to Make Glowing Halloween Lanterns

D.I.Y. Halloween Lanterns - Craft Project

With just over a month until Halloween, it's time to get started with your creepy decorations and these glowing Halloween lanterns are sure to make a great addition to your spooky craft arsenal! At the end of this post is a nifty video instruction showing you this Halloween craft project from beginning to end. It only takes 3 minutes to watch so go ahead and check it out! This project does take a small amount of artistic ability, but if you're short of ideas, inspiration or skill just copy the designs in this post or take a look at Google for some templates you can copy.

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Materials Required

  • Glass Jars - Washed and varying sizes
  • Aerosol spray paint (Purple or other Halloween colors)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Tealight candles
  • Latex glove or some other type of protective glove for spray paint use 


Step 1

Holding the each jar on its side, paint the inside using the aerosol spray can. Rotate the jar as you go. It works best to keep the nozzle of the spray paint back at least 6-8 inches. You do not want the paint to be too thick as light from the candles needs to pass through.



Step 2

Start making the outlines of your design on the jars using the black permanent marker (See the link above for inspiration and ideas if you are short on artistic ability).

Try and cover make your design cover the whole circumference of the jar so it looks great from any angle!


Step 3

Once you have the outline of your design, start to block in the solid areas of the design using the black permanent marker. Ensure you get a good covering so the light does not pass through and the silhouette looks great!



Step 4

When you're done with the permanent marker and your design is complete, there's nothing more to do than place a tealight candle in the bottom of each jar and wait for dusk.

Take extra special care lighting the candle in the bottom of the jar and keep kids away. The easiest way to get the tealight candles lit is to use a BBQ Grill lighter. Take great care not to burn your hands. It's definitely better to light the candles in the jar rather than try and place them in there once they are lit!


What a great Halloween craft project! If you want to take a quick look at the video showing each step, here it is below.

Thanks to Innova Crafts for the inspiration for this post. We love it!


We hope you have lots of fun with this simple little project and would love to hear your comments below. Feel free to share this idea with your friends and post the photos of your results on our Crafty Croc Facebook page.

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