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Amazing DIY Balloon Crafts - How to Make

How to Make Amazing DIY Balloon Crafts

When it comes to craft projects, balloons may not be the first thing to spring to mind. However balloon crafts are super fun and varied in their nature. Some use the balloons as part of the "end product" while others simply use the balloon as a tool for creating the finished product with it being merely a means to an end. Either way, we think you will agree that below are some great balloon related craft projects and some are very timely with the fall leaves being so prolific, Halloween parties on the close horizon and not to mention, Christmas right around the corner.

Many of the balloon craft projects below are quite "kid friendly" too so with the cooler weather upon us and the need to keep the little ones entertained indoors we are sure you will find something for a rainy day!

Balloon Dipped Tumblers



Balloons are a fun and simple way to add a dash of color to your glassware for parties or any other occasion. Additionally the rubber cap on the bottom of the glass makes it non-slip so great for on boats or in the R.V. Head over here for step by step instructions, the materials list and more pics!

Fruit Balloon Garland (Tutorial)

Balloon Craft Projects

via Oh Happy Day

Doesn't this just look devine?! This craft project was inspired by the need to decorate for a "fruit party". No? We hadn't heard of one either! Although simple to make, they sure are effective! Check out the tutorial on how to make balloon fruits here.

Chocolate Bowls - Balloon Molded


via Mosogourmet

Anyone starting to get a little peckish? In this culinary project the balloons are simply used as a removable foundation to mold the chocolate around. These are sure to impress at your next dinner party and are relatively simple to make. Check out the short video tutorial below demonstrating the process!

Fall Leaf Bowl (Tutorial)


via Hello Lucky

With the proliferation of colorful fall leaves around this is the perfect craft to bring some of that color indoors (Even though it does use plastic leaves!) As in the chocolate bowls above, this leaf bowl uses the balloon as a foundation to mold the bowl onto.

Head over here for detailed instructions and materials list for completing the project.

String Chandelier


via Carey Creates

Technically this string chandelier project does not use a balloon, but uses an inflatable ball instead in order to get the perfectly round sphere, however you could still create similar string or yarn orbs molded around balloons (and the balloon is much easier to get out!). If you are keen to make one of these pretty lamp shades, see the full tutorial here.

Fire in Ice Lanterns


via Mad in Crafts

For those in parts of the country with frozen winters these Fire in Ice lanterns using balloons as the molds make for spectacular outdoor decorations (or indoors on a drip tray). You can also add lots of other cool effects like food coloring to make colored ice, but heed all the warnings in the tutorial if you use color!

Balloon Lights



These LED balloon decorations make for spectacular lighting at any after dark soirée and are super easy to make. There's a great tutorial here, but rather than trying to make hundred of your own LEDs to put in the balloons we suggest heading on over to somewhere such as Lights for All Occasions where you can easily buy them already made up and save yourself a bunch of time!

Doily Lanterns

Doily Lantern Tutorial

via SoCraftastic

If you are like us, then maybe you think doilies should be left at grandma's house to cover the sideboard or bedside table, but in fact there are many creative uses for doilies other than occupying the surface of various household furniture items. With a bit of imagination they can be transformed into quite stunning objects of art. Check out Sarah's video below demonstrating how to turn doilies into a beautiful lamp shade all molded around a balloon. We love the intricate patterns that the light projects onto the wall and ceiling through the doilies!

Doily Candle Holder


via Wonderful DIY

Following on with the doily theme, check out this fantastic candle holder which uses the balloon again as a mold to wrap the doilies around. The tutorial is here but make sure to heed the safety warnings if you are using real candles as opposed to the led tealights.

Doily Hot Air Balloons

Balloon Craft Projects

via Joann

Oh, why not one more doily project?! Three's a charm right? Either way, this should have pretty much gotten rid of all the doilies - but what a way to use them up! Don't these hot air balloons look amazing? What an great decoration for a garden party to set the mood! The intricate designs of the doilies do make them very reminiscent of the vintage hot air balloons of the mid to late 1800s. See the full tutorial here.

Balloon Snowman Christmas Decoration

Balloon Snowman Balloon Craft Project

via Live Internet

Similar in strategy to the string chandelier above, balloons make the perfect object to use as a mold to wrap lengths of string around to create the body parts for this charming snow man! The materials list and tutorial is here, and though google translate doesn't do a perfect job if you don't read Russian, you still get the gist.



Well, that's it for our balloon craft extravaganza! We hope you enjoyed and can find the time to get busy with at least one of these fun projects. If you have any other great ways to use balloons, be sure to leave a comment below or share your photos to our facebook page.

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