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How to Use, Store and Care for your Gel Pens (Video)

How to Use, Store and Care for your Gel Pens

How to Use Your Gel Pens

With the exciting new launch of our latest art product, the Crafty Croc Gel Pens set you will notice our blog is a little gel-pen-centric right now. Today we are going to check out a cool video by Jennifer Stay from Coloring Pages Bliss which gives some great tips on how to use gel pens for coloring, how to care for your gel pen set and also how to store them for maximum efficiency (See Video Below!).

And remember, with the holiday season and the gift giving season coming up the superior quality of our gel pen set makes it the perfect gift for any friends, family or loved ones who have a creative flair. They will not be disappointed. Additionally, the beautiful properties of our gel pens make them perfect for all your holiday season card making activities.

Check out this beautiful Christmas card below made with metallic and glittery gel pens on a black card stock backing!

Gel Pens

via VLVS

Looking for some inspiration on how to use your Crafty Croc gel pens? Check out this cool speed doodle video below!

One of the cool tips that Jennifer gives in the video below is to store your gel pens in a cosmetics bag to easily organize the colors into shades and keep everything sorted. Even though Crafty Croc gel pens come in a beautiful carry box, if you want to combine sets this tip might work for you! 


New Crafty Croc® Gel Pens

Superior Quality = The Perfect Gift Click here to grab a box or two!

Jennifer mentions being aware of duplicates in large gel pen sets in the video below. Remember the Crafty Croc set contains NO duplicates! Wohoo!

Gel Pens: How to Use, Store and Care (video)

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