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How I Stay Sane With a Busy Schedule

This is a crazy time for all of us. Work. No work. School. No school. Grocery shopping.  Always Grocery Shopping.

With 3 boys (from 4th - 7th grade) in the house and all of the changes going on, I wanted to share about one of my favorite sanity savers!

To keep track of all of their classes, assignments, practices, and doctor’s appointments (and more) I love our Acrylic Wall Calendar with the Menu and To Do List. This one here, actually...

Acrylic Wall Calendar

I keep it in the kitchen where I spend most of my time, of course. In a house with three growing boys I cook a lot! This calendar helps me keep track of everything and helps with meal planning, budgeting, and telling my husband what he needs to do. I’m not joking, well...kind of, but I have to keep him on his toes! We can all look at it the night before and know what needs to happen tomorrow. 

I also like the set of 18 Liquid Chalk Markers to go with it because I can give each kiddo a different color so they just know what they have to do on that given day. I can’t imagine having 18 kids! We just like mixing it up from week to week. This is just one thing that has helped our family during this weird time.  I hope it helps you, too!

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