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Halloween Decorations for the Whole Family

Halloween Decorations for the Whole Family

You guessed it, the holiday season is not far away. And believe it or not we are starting to plan our Halloween here already. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and really brings the kid out in me. We have put together 6 crafts for the whole family to do this weekend to get a jump on our Halloween decorations.

1. Head in a Jar

Decorate for Halloween with a head in a jar

via Instructables

This one is my personal favorite. It is so realistic its spooky! This will be hubby's job as he has a knowledge of Photoshop and we will use on of our kids photos to do it! But if you do not have the know how there is a head already completed that you can use with full instructions at Instructables.

2. Shrunken head

Shrunken Heads Halloween Crafts

via Kindling Play and Training

My kids just love this one! We have done this a number of times and they always turn out different which is part of the fun. We tend to use pepper corns for the eyes and uncooked rice for the teeth.

Here is one from 2015 that we put on our facebook page it looks a little dark as our little man got impatient and turned the oven up:

Halloween decoration Shrunken head

via Crafty Croc

Simply grab an apple, carve the eyes and mouth, raisins/currants for the eyeballs, long grain rice for the teeth and leave in a warm dry place. You can help the process along by placing it in the oven for a day at 120 Fahrenheit.

3. Window Silhouettes

Window Silhouette for Halloween

via Who Arted

We love these decorations for windows that you will have covered. I will be doing some of these myself. We will also be showing you how to decorate your windows with your Crafty Croc markers the Halloween next week. So order a pack now in preparation.

4. Skeleton

Easy Skeleton Craft for kids

Via Say Yes

This skeleton craft is great for kids of all ages. The little ones just love it as it doesn't require much adult input if you premake the skull it is just a matter of gluing the q-tips and head in place an you have your very own skeleton.

5. Spider webs

Spider web halloween decorations

Via Consumer Crafts

Again we love this for its simplicity, so the kids can create their own masterpiece. A little preparation to make sure you have the right materials and a few plastic spiders and your good to go. You can see the full set of instructions at Consumer Crafts.

6. Bats

Halloween bat decorations

via HGTV

Last but not least what is Halloween without a few bats! These are the cutest bats around and so simple to make. You can get full instructions as well ad a downloadable template at HGTV. Don't forget to order some chalk markers and join us next weeks as we will be decorating windows with them! In the meantime please share with us your favorite Halloween Crafts on Facebook.


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