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9 Fun Fall Leaf Craft Projects

9 Fun Fall Leaf Craft Projects

Now Halloween is over (We hope you had a wonderful and safe celebration) it's time to focus on other fall crafting ideas so let's take a look at some fun fall leaf crafting projects! With the abundance of these colorful gems that nature throws at us at this time of the year it's why not turn them into stunning works of art to showcase the beautiful warm earthy tones they provide!

Below are 9 fun and simple craft ideas to decorate the home or enjoy some crafting time with the kids on a cool day. Some are just for ideas and inspiration and others have full tutorials taking you through the project step by step. Enjoy and happy fall crafting! 

1. Fall Leaf Mask

Fall Craft Project Ideas

via Small Friendly

Doesn't this leaf mask just epitomize the season? How fantastic to make a dress up costume out of the natural materials provided to us. As stunning as it looks, it is really quite simple to make. Check out the full tutorial and materials list here

2. DIY Fall Leaves

Fall Leaf Crafts

via Mixed Kreations

Caught short on fabric fall leaves for your next craft creation? Why not just make your own? With a few paints and a bit of crafting know how the end results are really quite amazing. Take a look at the full tutorial here.

3. Fall Leaf Mason Jar Crafts

Fall Craft Projects

via Sugar Bee Crafts

Though not made with real leaves, these fall colored mason jar luminaries look great. The tutorial is right here but to get the highly uniform appearance in the picture above, you will get better more even results with spray paint rather than craft paint. Craft paint is used in the tutorial linked to above, however brushing it on tends to leave a somewhat streaky appearance! 

4. Fall Leaf Lanterns

Fall Leaf Craft Projects

via Twig and Toadstool

This beautiful glowing fall leaf lantern is so rich in color and reminiscent of sitting in front of a lovely warm open fire. Cheap and easy to make but very effective, you can get the tutorial and materials list here.

5. Fall Leaf Painting for Kids

Fall Craft Activities for Kids

via Toddler Approved

Looking for easy fall crafts to keep your toddlers entertained? Then this is it! You can get some great results with a modest amount of effort. Have fun! Tutorial here

6. Fall Leaf Prints


via Naturally Educational

Another fun activity for the little ones, utilizing the bounty of mother nature. Check out the instructions here

7. Fall Leaf Candle Holder

Fall Leaf Craft Projects

via Spark and Chemistry

Warm and inviting. You can use real or fake leaves to get this effect. Tutorial here

8. Metallic Painted Fall Leaves

Fall Leaf Craft Projects

via Quince and Quire

The contrast of metallic paint against the rich red brown color of the leaf is amazing. This is a simple idea but highly effective - kind of like a leaf henna tattoo. 

9. Exquisitely Painted Fall Leaves

Fall Craft Projects

via Geninne's Art Blog

Amazing what a little imagination, some fall leaves, paint and brushes can yield! Kind of like tribal markings, we think these look super cool! You could also try using the chisel tip of our earth color Crafty Croc chalk markers on autumnal leave for similar effect. 

We hope you enjoyed these fall leaf crafting ideas and are feeling inspired to utilize the bounty of mother nature (and someone might appreciate a few less leaves to rake up in the yard!) We'd love to see your projects so feel free to share them here on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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