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How to Make D.I.Y. Christmas Gifts with Liquid Chalk Markers

How to Make DIY Christmas Gifts with Liquid Chalk Markers

DIY Christmas Gifts with Liquid Chalk

Wow! Christmas is just around the corner and the holiday season is upon us. It doesn't have to be all out expensive gifts though, in fact DIY Christmas gifts made with the heart and soul are often the most meaningful. So, today our friend Debby at Debby Arts is going to show you how she uses Crafty Croc liquid chalk markers to make beautiful, bright designs on stones that you can give as gifts or for decoration, paper weights or any number of other things!

Just a little artistic know how and Crafty Croc chalk markers truly "shine" when applied to stone, with their beautiful thick pigment.

In the video below, Debby expertly produces 3 beautiful designs. A cute wise old owl, a beautifully sparkly unicorn and a concentric dots design. There are a few images below showing the steps for each, but all the details and fun are in her video at the bottom of the page. Check it out!

The Wise Old Owl

Select the perfect stone for your liquid chalk marker project. Things to take into consideration are size, shape, smoothness, color etc.


Once you have selected the best stone for the job, start to sketch out your design using a regular graphite pencil as per the image below.


Then using your Crafty Croc liquid chalk markers start to block in the areas of color.


You can also create different shades buy layering the chalk markers. Below Debby layers the previously used brown chalk pen over the white to create a lighter tan color.


And the finished product looks so cute! Check it out!


Liquid Chalk Markers

The Sparkly Unicorn

Again, once you have chosen the ideal stone for your design get stuck in the your pencil to sketch out the outline of your design prior to starting with the chalk markers.


Start blocking in the large areas of color with your chalk pens, then add detail where required using bright colors for accents.


To make this a sparkly unicorn design, Debby uses her finger to smudge some colored glitter glue over the body of the unicorn to give it some extra bling!

She has also used a very fine tipped permanent marker to give the outline detail below, so do not be scared to combine other mediums with your chalk markers.


And there is the finished product in all its beauty. So simple but so pretty!

whitedetail_liquidchalkmarkers stoneunicorn_liquidchalkmarkers 

Concentric Dots and Circles Design

For this type of design, you need to start in the middle of the stone and then work your way outwards. This way you can rotate the stone in your hand and not smudge the liquid chalk as you are creating your design. 

DIY Christmas Gifts

Work your way out using a variety of colors and keeping the pattern regular.

liquidchalkmarkersonstone liquidchalkmarkersbycraftycroc

Cover the whole stone with brilliant color then come back and fill the gaps if you want with black dots. It gives a great effect.

And boom! You are done. This makes a gorgeous gift!



If you want to see Debby creating these amazing designs live, check out her video below. It's lots of fun!

You can also visit Debby at:


Crafty Croc wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. Don't forget to share your own creations and ideas for DIY Christmas gifts on or like our Facebook page.



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