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DIY Chalkboard Fridge

DIY Chalkboard Fridge

One of the most popular chalkboard projects of all time is the chalkboard fridge. I mean, who wouldn't want a fridge you can doodle on, right?

And while Pinterest is littered with beautiful photos of chalkboard fridges it is rare to see complete instructions on how to pull off this amazing project.


So when we came across these complete instructions on The Homemade Home we felt we had to share them with you.

While the transformation of the fridge is not remarkable (the fridge was black to start with) what you can transform it into with just a stick of chalk, is. And if black is not your color of choice remember you can get chalkboard paint in almost any color.

In an update to this blog post Ashley reveals that the fridge is still going strong 2 years on with not a chip in sight.

So if you are ready to be fearless with your home and create a centrepiece for your kitchen head over to The Handmade Home for the complete instructions.

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