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Empty Egg Cartons? - 9 Amazing Uses You Never Imagined!

9 Amazing Uses of Empty Egg Cartons

Does your family generate an excess of egg cartons? With eggs back on the healthy list that's not an entirely bad thing, but how can you re-purpose all those old empty packets? Read on for some great egg carton crafts and other ingenious uses you can put them to rather than sending them to landfill or the recycling depot.

It's a fairly "eggclectic" collection of projects but we're sure that some of these nifty ideas will get you inspired to make dent in that mounting pile of egg cartons. Some have links through to step-by-step tutorials and others are simply nothing more than eye candy and inspiration for you to create your own take on the egg carton chaos. Enjoy!


1. Incredible Egg Carton Flowers



Egg Carton Crafts

via Michele Made Me

These incredibly intricate and detailed flowers crafted from egg cartons are part of Michele's "Feast of Flowers" series where she creates flowers from many different types of media, including foam trays, plastic bottles, egg boxes and more! Check out her post here for more information.

2. Remarkable Egg Carton Portraits


via Egg Cubism


via Egg Cubism Crafts with Egg Trays

via Egg Cubism

The 3 works of art above are by talented Dutch artist Enno de Kroon who has gained international recognition and describes his work as two and a half dimensional art. Take a look at his website for more remarkable creations that will leave you amazed and inspired!

3. Halloween Monster Masks (Photo Props)


via Multiples and More

With Halloween coming up, how could we not include a few holiday inspired egg tray crafts?! These freaky eyeball photo props are quick and easy for the kids to make and require only basic crafting materials. Head here for more information.

4. Halloween Bats


via Happy Clippings

Following on with our Halloween theme this child friendly craft project uses egg cartons to make spooky hanging bats and leaves to make cute Halloween ghosts! Head on over to Happy Clippings for a materials list and instructions!

5. Egg Carton Dining Stools


via The New York Times

Yes, you read it right - egg carton dining stools! Maybe not to everyone's taste, but the moral of the story is let your imagination of its leash! For sure, you will need industrial quantities of (industrial) egg cartons - that's a lot of omelettes.

Head on over to the NY Times slide show which shows you step by step, how to make these ...... uh... beauties. 

6. Egg Carton Molded Lamp


via Victor Vetterlein

New York designer and architect Victor Vetterlein has taken egg carton crafts to a whole new level. What shaped eggs came in those cartons you may ask! This result is actually achieved by smooshing up egg cartons mixed with water to create a pulp which is then plastered into molds to create this unique end result. If this approach interests you, there's a tutorial on egg carton molding here.

7. Egg Carton Flower Lights


via Instructables

Create a beautiful string of flower lights from egg cartons! This project is fairly simple, but you need to allow yourself a good 2-3 hours to complete a string of 20 lights. Get the step by step tutorial here.

8. Egg Carton Window Garden (Kid Friendly)


via Michele Made Me

Looking for a fun project to do with the kids? This cute window garden is the answer! Head over here for a step by step breakdown and photos.

9. Egg Carton Heart Wall Hanging


via Krokotak

This cool heart shaped wall hanging is so simple but really effective! If you're not into hearts, there are lots of other amazing wall hanging designs you can make with egg trays. If you are into hearts, then check out Krokotak for more information on how to get this project started and onto your wall!



Well, that's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this egg carton extravaganza and it's got your creative juices flowing. As always, let us know in the comments what you think and feel free to share these ideas with your friends and family. If you get to making an egg carton craft yourself, then please do share it on our Crafty Croc Facebook page for all to see!


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