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10 Humorous Coffee Inspired Chalkboards

10 Humorous Coffee Inspired Chalkboards

Here at Crafty Croc we love coffee, liquid chalk and chalkboards so how better to combine our loves than to present you with a collection of hilarious coffee inspired chalkboards. Even if you don't love coffee, we hope you love the humor in these fun sayings! Maybe you have some of your own quotes or are inspired to make your own "coffee flavored" chalkboard design. We'd love to see them so please share.

1. Balance your life with coffee!

Coffee Quotes

via Crafty Croc

"Balance. A cookie in one hand and a coffee in the other"

Everyone has their own idea of balance in life - this is definitely skewed towards the coffee lover. Spotted on a sidewalk in New Zealand.


2. Struggling with life?

Coffee Quotes

via Lavender Ink Studio

"Coffee - Because adulting is hard..."

Adulting? Yeah, you get the idea. Coffee always gets us through the tough times.


3. Lord Give Me Coffee...

Coffee Chalkboard Quotes

via Signs by Jen

"Lord give me coffee to change the things I can and wine to accept the things I can't."

We say "Amen"!


4. The Pillars of Life

Coffee and Wine Quotes

via More Than Words Signs

"Life is what happens between coffee and wine"

Anyone spot a theme going on here? Coffee and wine, coffee and wine.....


5. Unrealistic Expectations

Funny Coffee Quotes

via Crafty Croc

"Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity"

Also spotted on a sidewalk outside a coffee shop in New Zealand. Anyone else think they've got super powers after a really good cup of coffee? Comment below!


6. Soup of the day

Coffee Chalkboard Quotes

via Happy Home Decor Prints

"Soup of the Day: Coffee"

Ha! We love this. That soup is guaranteed to be a best seller!


7. The Coffee Blessing

Coffee Quotes for Chalkboards

via KaylaAimee

"May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short"

Kind of like an Irish blessing, what more could you wish for someone?!


8. Unhinged?

Funny Coffee Quotes

via Gordmans

"I drink coffee for your protection"

We can all get a little cranky without our coffee fix!


9. Today is like Coffee

Best Coffee Quotes

via Evasee

"Today is like coffee, it will be as good as you make it"
Better hope you make a really good coffee!

10. The Beginning of Life

Humorous Coffee Quotes

via Print With Me

"Life begins after coffee"

It's a well known fact. There is no life before coffee - At least that's how it is at Crafty Croc®! Anyone else the same? Comment below and maybe make a shout out to your favorite coffee shop or truck!


Well that wraps it up! We hope you enjoyed our little collection of fun coffee quotes and humor. If you have any favorites be sure to comment below or share them on our Crafty Croc Facebook page and if you have any of your own chalkboard creations please share. We love to see what you've been up to with your Crafty Croc chalk markers!

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