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Interview with Chalkboard Artist - Michelle Morgan (Great Tips!)

Interview with Michelle Morgan

Hey Crafty Croc fans, today it is our great privilege to introduce you to relatively new, but highly skilled and accomplished chalkboard artist Michelle Morgan!

Chalkboard Artist

Michelle is a huge fan of Crafty Croc and our range of liquid chalk markers so we thought we would present her with some interview questions that would help you our readers, with some great tips on using liquid chalk markers, chalkboard art, how, why and when plus a whole lot more!


Not only this, Michelle has allowed us to showcase some of her amazing work. If you need any custom work done for your business, event, office or home, be sure to give her a shout! Michelle's contact details are at the bottom of this post.

We hope you get a whole lot of value and inspiration from this post (We sure learnt a thing or two - not to mention great tips on making your own chalkboards) so read on for more information and don't forget to check out her amazing artwork below.

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below! Meantime, let's get stuck into the interview questions!

Crafty Croc:
How long have you been a chalkboard artist Michelle?

Michelle Morgan:
Since February 2016 - approximately 8 months

Crafty Croc:
What was your motivation to start your chalk art business?

Michelle Morgan:
A dear friend of mine asked me to make a first birthday stats board for her son’s first birthday board. My friends all know my handwriting and my craftiness – she saw a template on Etsy…sent it to me with her son’s first year stats and told me be creative as long as it included firetrucks and rubber duckies.

After she shared it on her Facebook and friends shared it, etc., I developed a small following literally overnight.

Crafty Croc: That's a great story! Why do you choose to use Crafty Croc markers over other brands?

Michelle Morgan:
The colors are vibrant, they’re erasable, and they write in a continuous flow.

Crafty Croc:
What is your favorite Crafty Croc color?

Michelle Morgan:
Olive Green! (editors note: you can purchase our olive green chalk marker in our earth color pack or our 18 mega pack)

Crafty Croc:
What type/brand of chalkboards do you prefer to use to get the amazing results you achieve?

Michelle Morgan:
I don’t use many actual chalkboards. I purchase old frames from the thrift store and spray the glass with chalkboard spray paint.

Crafty Croc:
What do you use to seal your boards once you are done?

Michelle Morgan:
Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating spray paint or any other glossy finish clear spray paint.

Crafty Croc:
Wow! Thanks Michelle, this information has been really useful and we're sure it will benefit our readers and customers!




























If you want to connect with Michelle and see more of her work you can do so here:



Thanks for reading folks! As always we hope you have found this post informative and inspiring. Please comment, share and send us your Crafty Croc creations to our Facebook page.


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