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Best Artists for a Unique Handmade First Day of School Chalkboard

Best Artists for a Unique Handmade First Day of School Chalkboard

Ah, the first day of's not just uniforms and packed lunches. Back to School is a milestone moment for kids of all ages. Nearly every parent out there takes a photo of this significant day.

While you might love the idea of a First Day of School chalkboard, you may not feel comfortable doing it yourself (as a lefty, poor handwriting is something I understand) or maybe you just want something extra special.

This is why we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorite Etsy sellers who can make you a personalized First Day of School Chalkboard to commemorate the occasion. Having one of these talented artists create your child's board gives you the best of both worlds, beautifully hand crafted with lettering featuring your child's name in beautiful font, and reusable fields for year and information so you can use them every year..

Fill in the blanks of these beauties with Crafty Croc markers! We are offering a 20% discount on all Crafty Croc Chalk Markers to celebrate going back to school. Use this coupon code at checkout on our website:


Be sure to order your board today so you'll have it in time. And don't forget to share your unique masterpiece with us so we can see how it turned out for you!

Fresh Prints of Belaire 

First day of school chalkboard

via Fresh Prints of Belaire

Whitney Belaire Farris is the artist behind Fresh Prints of Belaire. She is based in Houston, Texas and has been hand lettering a variety of things since 1996. She is a mom of one cute little boy CJ who is now 3 years old.

She has been hard at work making these and other beauties...

via Fresh Prints of Belaire

Like what you see? Head over to her Instagram page to check out more of her work (not to mention some adorable pics of her son).

18 Different Colors

via Crafty Croc 18 Pack

We recommend the Jumbo Pack of 18 markers. It includes both earthy pastel tones and bright neons so you will have all the colors you could want to make your board sing. Let your child get in on the fun and pick their favorite colors from the pack.

Southern Chalking

First day of school chalkboards

via Southern Chalking

These beautiful boards were made by Michelle Abele at Southern Chalking. She is based in Louisville, Kentucky but can ship to you. You can order these directly from her Etsy store from $55 plus shipping or if you prefer something a bit different you can request a custom made product. Check out here other works on Facebook and Instagram.

Add Some Glamour with Metallic Colors! 


via Crafty Croc

This has to be my all-time favorite pack as I love the look of silver on a black background. Add a little shimmer to you little stars board...

Emily Brown Designs 

first day of school boards

via Emily Brown Designs

Another great Texas based designer we love is Emily Brown of Emily Brown Designs. Her designs range from rainbows of colors, to classic black and white, and everything in between. So there is something to suit everyone's taste.

You can order from her online store 

Classic Bright Colors 

Wet Erase Markers - Liquid Chalk

via Crafty Croc 8 Pack

Just want the bright colors? This is our best value pack by far. 7 vivid neon colors and of course that all important white. Don't forget to use the coupon.

Chalk It Up To Court 

Unicorn Themed First Day of School Board

via Chalk It Up To Court

One of our newest Crafty Croc Ambassadors is chalkboard artist Chalk It Up To Court. She custom makes chalkboard signs in different themes according to your child's interests. Here are two of her spectacular boards unicorn theme and Batman.

Batman First Day of School Boards
Batman First Day of School Boards

Visit her on instagram and send her a direct message if you would like to order:

Just want white? These artists really have the color nailed so you may just want white for you final touches. We have you covered there too.

Order Now

Now that you have seen these beautiful pieces of art, pick your favorite and head on over to the artist to place an order now.

REMEMBER these are all handcrafted and made to order so you have to give them enough time to create one for you. Back to school is a busy time for everyone so make sure you order you board and markers now. Put a check in that box ✅

With one thing off the list and a beautiful hand crafted chalkboard for your child you will feel like super mom.




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