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The 13 Cutest Back to School Photos Inspired by Chalk

The 13 Cutest Back to School Photos Inspired by Chalk

Back to school is upon us! The first day of the school year is an exciting day for day for child and parent alike, and more so if it's the very first time. It is important to capture such precious memories so here are some ideas for signs to enhance your photos and capture the moment.

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1. First Day of School

Back to School Chalkboard Art

via Your Home Haven

It doesn't get much simpler than this, but Oh So Cute! Grab a basic black chalkboard and your white chalk marker (Crafty Croc of course!) for commemorating the moment with this "First Day of School!" sign.

2. First Day of Kindergarten

Back to School Chalkboard Ideas

via Jane Can

Off to kindergarten we go! Set the scene with some props... School books, kids' backpack and of course the juicy big red apple with letter "K" written in white liquid chalk and huge smile. Job done!

3. Kindergarten Variation

Back to school chalkboard art

via Jane Can

A variation on above. Get that shallow dept of field on your camera by using a large aperture (small f number - set your camera to "A" or "Av" mode) and focus on the apple near the camera putting the background out of focus and giving this great "arty" result!

4. Can't Wait to Get to Kindergarten!

First day of Kindergarten Chalkboard Ideas

via Jane Can

A little bit of planning goes a long way!

It's so easy to be rushed on that first day with the new routine, so some forethought to photo opportunities will improve the outcome and reduce your stress levels on the day. Simple but elegant, a big "K" cut from ply or similar sheet wood with a jigsaw or coping saw, painted black and decorated to commemorate the special day. This is definitely not something you can do on the morning so get yourself organized with props a week or so ahead!

5. Double Fun

Back to School Chalkboard Ideas

via Who Arted?

Got more than one at home? Combine first day photos for both siblings with each child's information on the same chalkboard.

6. First Day of Kindergarten - Down Under

Back to School Chalkboard Ideas

via Life on Wallace

Simple chalk and board - No frills, but it gets the job done. A great pic and great record of the day!

7. When I Grow Up...

First Day of School Photo Ideas

via Pinkie for Pink

And who doesn't want to be Tinkerbell when they grow up?! First day of preschool. What a great idea to record other tid-bits and facts about your little one on the chalkboard - Favorite color, favorite food, what they want to be when they grow up.

All these little gems recorded graphically is great as we so often forget them as time passes and the kids grow up.

8. Variation on a Chalkboard Theme

First Day of School Photo

via The Idea Room

Who said it needed to be a chalkboard? A black helium filled balloon works a treat! We love the little pink ribbons on the string for detail. The question is, how to keep that side of the balloon facing the camera... some sharp shooting skills required for this one!

9. Jump for Joy

Back to School Photo Ideas

via Life with Fingerprints

Clearly you need somewhat of a professional setup to get results like these but if you don't have the gear and the skills, why not bring your own props down to the studio of a local professional photographer?

10. Life Size Props!

Photo Ideas for School

via Priceless Impressions

Not a chalkboard in sight but using props like the school bus sure sets the scene! Check out Kati's blog for lots of other photographic inspiration and ideas.

11. Keep it Together Mom!

First Day of School Photo

via Adventures of Bradysitting

As much as we're excited to see our little ones reach these milestones, it is often bitter sweet as we realize they are growing up way too fast. Nothing like a bit of humor to lighten the moment!

12. Print on Canvas

Print on Canvas First Day of School

via SassyRae

No chalk here but it sure looks nice! These custom designs can be purchased off SassyRae on Etsy.

Another great idea using canvas is to purchase a blank at your local DIY store or office supplies, spray liberally to cover with black chalkboard paint in a spray can, wait to dry then decorate with liquid chalk markers for a similar effect. You can then hang it on the wall afterward.

13. Conflicting Emotions

chalkboard ideas

via Happy Acres Photography

Usually it's us as parents with the conflicting emotions, however clearly the conflict here is between mother and daughter! Hard to believe mom isn't just a tiny bit sad to see her daughter heading to kindergarten.

Well folks, that about wraps it up. Hope you have enjoyed these photos and can get some inspiration for your own creative back to school projects.


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