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6 Chalkboards for Teachers - Enhance the Look of your Classroom

Well, it is that time of year again! The time when teachers are trying to create the perfect classroom. We go searching everywhere for ideas and materials that will add that just right feeling to our classrooms!

I am fortunate enough to be able to use these amazing chalkboard markers! Crafty Croc’s markers are exactly what I have been looking for to add details to my classroom. They are bright and colorful! If you make a mistake they are easily erased! Their brilliant colors last. I had the 18 pack of markers that sell for $24.99 and you can purchase here.

Liquid Chalk Pens - CraftyCroc®

There are so many things that teachers can do to use these markers in the classroom! I have made signs to hang throughout my classroom and outside of my classroom on my door and in the hallway!

1. Welcome

I made this sign to hang on my classroom door to greet people as they come in!

When you enter this classroom you are...

Look how bright the colors are! I love the fact that Crafty croc’s markers have both a chisel tip and a rounded tip so you can add details and give your signs a calligraphic look!

Other signs I made using these awesome markers are:

2. Pencil Chalkboard

Chalkboards for the Classroom

This is a sign I bought at Target. All it was was a plain pencil but by adding these bright colorful words with these markers, I have an adorable sign.

3. Driven to Read

Chalk markers on Canvas

This sign is made by drawing on canvas! These markers are so vibrant even on canvas! They do not run or smear and are very easy to use!

4. Every Child is an Artist

Chalkboard with chalk markers every child is an artist

I love this quote by Picasso and I thought what better way to display the work of my kids then by making a sign with this quote! I love how bright it is. These markers are so easy to use that when I created my artist and had to use several colors, they did not bleed into each other and their strokes blended so nicely! This is on a chalkboard square I found at Target! I used the rounded end for the artist and for the the words in white. I used the chisel tip for the other letters!

5. Instagram

Our class instagram chalkboard

I take a lot of pictures of my kiddos throughout the year so I decided to make a sign to hang in the area that I hang all of their photos. What a better sign than an Instagram Sign. Look how bright and colorful! These markers are awesome!

6. Iwanttoreadalot

My last sign for my classroom is...

Welcome to camp read alot chalkboard

I have transformed my classroom into a camp area. I needed a sign to welcome them to their new reading area!

I have made many signs so far and these markers are still bright and vibrant. They are far from being depleted! It is nice to know that these markers are able to last. I have used other markers that have lost their vibrancy and did not last through many projects!

I have used the bright markers because I love bright colors. These markers also come in earth tones. You can find these on Amazon, or just click this link to order your set: Crafty Croc Earthy Markers

Making signs are just one of the ways you can use these amazing markers in your classroom! My future posts will contain other ways that you can use these markers in your classroom!

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