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4 Simple Christmas Crafts Using Liquid Chalk Markers To Do With Your Kids

4 Simple Christmas Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Wow! Christmas is nearly upon us and we wanted to share with you some of the great craft ideas to make with your children this holiday season using your Crafty Croc liquid chalk markers. We want to thank Sweet and Simple Home for these ideas.

1. Christmas tree gift cards

This is a great one to get started with. Take a piece of black construction paper and fold it in half to make a card.

Take your green liquid chalk marker and draw a triangle for the tree. Place a yellow star on top and a brown square below for the trunk. Allow your kids to color in the tree and decorate it with little plastic crystals.

This a simple craft that can be done by the whole family. Once decorated write the Christmas greeting you want at the bottom.

And here is the finished product:

2. Homemade Gift Boxes

Nothing says I love you more than handmade.

Why not take some plain white boxes and decorate them with your favorite Christmas colors.

3. Personalised Christmas Ornament for Grandparents

This one is our personal favorite. For this craft we are going to make a personalised ornament from the kids for the gradparents. This is a wonderful keepsake in where you can express your love and appreciation. Each ornament will be filled with pieces of paper with all the things the child loves about the gradparent, favorite memories etc. We will further personalise it with a hand print of the child on the outside.

First we have a plain plastic ornament that you can get from Walmart.

Have your children right all the things they love about the grand parent on paper. Bright paper (like the red use here) is a good option as you can see the paper inside the clear ornament. Once finished take the top off the ornament and place the paper inside. Then replace the top.

Trace your childs hand an stick it to the ornament.

Trace around it then remove. Let the child color it in with the liquid chalk markers and decorate it any way they wish.

Don't forget to put the year on it so it will be remembered in years to come.

4. Tic-Tac-Toe

This is a quick and easy way to create a reusable Christmas inspired tic tac toe board. This keeps the kids (and adults) entertained for hours.

You will need an old photo frame, some Christmas themed tape and some backing paper.

Use your Crafty Croc liquid chalk markers in red and green for an extra Christmas flavor.

A big thanks to SweetandSimpleHome!

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