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11 Must Have Chalkboards for Your Wedding

Your wedding will probably be the most photographed day of your life so pretty signs and props are a must have. Chalkboards have become an extremely popular wedding accessory for a stylish vintage look. Chalkboards are incredibly versatile and there are a number of different uses for them. We were going to call this 10 must have chalkboards but we just couldn't choose, so here are our 11 must have chalkboards for your wedding.

1. Happily Ever After

1. Must have chalkboard for your wedding - Happily Ever After Starts Here

via Happy Fiesta Design

What a great way to start your fairy-tale wedding than with a happily ever after sign. It also serves the practical purpose of telling your guests where to go, this can be extremely useful for an outdoor wedding.

2. Welcome

2. Must have wedding signs - Welcome

via Kelly Holst

A wedding must have a welcome sign. This welcomes your guests and also has information about your day. We choose this one for its simple classic styling but cool retro frame. It includes the crucial information the bride and grooms name and the date. Although the guests will know the date, it is important for that all introduction photo in your album. We also think the eat,drink and be married is a very cute touch.

3. Choose a Seat

3. Must have wedding Signs - Choose a seat not a side

via Not on the high street

Gone are the days of ushers and sitting the brides family one side and grooms family on the other. This sign makes people feel at ease and know they can sit anywhere they like. You may still want to reserve the first few rows for elderly guests and immediate family.

4. Here Comes The Bride

4. Must have weeding signs - Here comes the bride

via Invitations by Dawn

What a beautiful heart shaped sign. And what chalkboard wedding would be complete with out a here comes the bride sign.

5. Seating Plan

5. Must have Wedding Signs - Reception seating plan

via Chalk Shop Events

Now that the ceremony is over let's head to the reception. You must have a seating plan for your guests to know what table to go to. A frames chalkboard is a beautiful addition to an important part of the wedding.

6. Menu

6. Must have Wedding Chalkboard Signs - Menu

via Lake Girl Paints

If you have chosen a set menu and there are choices to be made it pays to give your guests the choices early so they have time to make up their mind. This will make taking orders go far more smoothly. Why not put the menu on a chalkboard so it can be seen when entering the reception.

7. Bar Menu

7. Must have wedding chalkboard signs - Bar menu

via Miss Bizzibee

A bar menu is also an essential or why not do his and her's cocktails and put them on your bar

8. Table Numbers

Wedding must have chalkboard signs table number

via Custom Made

This is self explanatory. Simple but essential table numbers

9. Mr and Mrs

Must have chalkboard signs for your wedding - Mr and Mrs Signs

via Not on the High Street

We absolutely love this idea. It is cute and has photo opportunity written all over it.

10. Wedding Party

10 must have wedding chalkboard signs Wedding Party

via Custom Made

What a wonderful way to document your day. This giant chalkboard is a fantastic way to recognise all the people involved in your wedding.

11. Guest book

Wedding Guest book chalkboard

via Weddbook

A guest book is the best way to collect the wisdom and congratulations from your guests, draw your guests attention to it with a beautiful chalkboard sign.

Bonus picture

Wedding Jenga Guest book

via The DJ service

We think the Jenga idea is a cool twist on the guest book. We love the sign used here too. It is a painted silver tray.

To get a sense of conformity choose the same kind of frame for all your chalkboards and get different sizes. You can achieve all these designs with a set of 4 Crafty Croc White Chalk Markers or if you want a bit of color the soon to be released celebration pack.

So whether you use one of these chalkboards or all of them, there is no doubt it will add to the atmosphere of your wonderful day.

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