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10 Ways to Organize Your Life with Chalkboard Labels

10 Ways to Organize Your Life with Chalkboard Labels

It's no secret that we love chalk markers here at Crafty Croc and our chalkboard labels are a fantastic addition to this addiction. Not only do they look great but you can erase the markers and rewrite and you can re position them so a packet of 64 labels will last you forever. In this post we have collected ten great ideas on how to organize your life with chalk markers and labels.

1. The Kids' Toys

Organize your toys with chalkboard labels

via dc Fix

In our house keeping the kids rooms clean is a constant battle. We are always looking for ways to simply and easily organise their bedrooms. We love this classic look of wooden boxes with a simple rectangle label! It gives a really classic minimalist look and keeps all those toys up off the floor.

2. The Office, Craft Room or Garage

Organize your craft room, office or garage with these chalkboard labels and drwaers

via Tipsaholic

Drawers are a great organisational tool. However to be really helpful you do need to know whats in them. A set of drawers with chalkboard label on them is ideal for any room. I would use these to keep the small items organised in the office, my craft room and the garage just to name a few. Chalkboard labels are ideal because if the contents of the drawer changes you can wipe the writing off the label and start again!

3. Your Kitchen Jars

Organize your kitchen pantry with Crafty Croc chalkboard labels

via Remodelando la Casa

The pantry is the obvious place for these gorgeous chalkboard labels. This task can sometimes be an overwhelming one. Start but labelling the individual containers. To get a really organized look try to get containers that all look the same even if they are different sizes like these. Then be consistent with the shapes yo choose to label with. Our pack of 64 rectangle labels has 32 rectangles and 32 rectangles with scalloped cornered labels. Or if you prefer fancy shapes try our fancy shape pack with 16 of each of the 4 different designs per pack.

4. Your Kitchen Pantry


via Happy Happy Nester

Working your way out you may then look at the bigger picture. Look at labelling drawers and shelves. These pantry drawers look great with chalkboard labels.

5. Kitchen Storage

Chalkboard Label the Kitchen Pantry

via Bless'er House

Why not organize your cupboards using boxes. This looks great because of the uniformity, the same style boxes labels and writing give this an elegant look.

6. The Laundry/Utility Room

Chalkboard label storage ideas

via Emily Norris

Chalkboard labels are not only for the kitchen. Expand your labelling efforts onto any storage room or cupboard you like. No more rummaging through boxes to find what you need.

7. Bathroom

Batroom organization using chalkboard labels Bathroom organization using chalkboard labels

via That Housewife Life

Now this is an area of my house that needs work. Imagine being in the middle of the school rush trying to find you moisturiser/hair brush/foundation. The key to organizing your bathroom and de-stressing your life is baskets, baskets baskets! With the all important chalk labels to tell you whats in them.

8. Wicker Baskets

Chalkboard label baskets

via Pottery Barn Kids

Now this idea could work for any room of the house. Wicker baskets with chalkboard tags. Brilliant! Thanks pottery barn kids!

9. Planters

Chalkboard label plant pots

via Match Made on Hudson

Generally when you see chalkboard labelled plant pots it is for herbs, I guess because the look incredibly cute in the kitchen, but it doesn't have to be herbs, you can label any plants.

10. Last one, Just for fun! Party favors and drinks!

Chalkboard label party favors

via Daurice

So you have organized your entire house and still have some chalkboard labels left over! What a great excuse for a party! Enjoy.

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